Inexpensive Dental Alginates direct from the Manufacturer
SNAP2 Dental Alginate at Wholesale Prices  

Accu-Cast Dental has been making the highest quality dental alginates in the United States since 1969.

We currently offer 4 different dental alginates: Phase2Gel, SNAP2, SNAP3 and PowerMix1 (extra fast set).

Here's our pitch:

1. Teriffic Dental Alginate Products
2. You buy directly from the manufacturer
3. Lowest Prices in Dentistry

In tough economic times, it becomes essential to save money on your consumables. Top-quality dental alginates as low as $6.00 a pound is a deal that many offices can't pass up.

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Phase2Gel Color-Changing Pseudoplastic Dental Alginate  
High Quality Dental Alginates at Wholesale Prices  
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We make Color-Changing (chromatic) as well as "regular" alginates in Extra-Fast, Fast and Regular Set.


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